Bootcamp Feb. 2019

Spin-off from Fraunhofer HHI


Drones flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) require a reliable and widely available data connection. The bandwidth of voice channels is demonstrably sufficient for this type of application. Our hardware module uses a regular SIM card and interacts with standard drone flight controllers. Even with 2G/3G, the corresponding software allows customers to reliably control a large number of drones and monitor their positions in real-time.

Spin-off form Fraunhofer IIS


CardioTEXTIL is a revolutionary medical grade wearable featuring cardiologic risk monitoring in patient‘s every day life. Continuous and long term monitoring enables physicians to get the best possible data base for in-clinical and out-clinical cardiologic care processes.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPK


Clous is an engineering platform that can be used to distribute the design tasks of machine and plant manufacturers to engineering service providers worldwide. With the help of clous.engine, the design tasks can be divided automatically into many smaller tasks that can be solved independently of each other. As a result, companies can be very fast while maintaining their intellectual property at all times.


Spin-off from Fraunhofer EMI


ConstellR provides high-resolution temperature maps and related data products of our planet with sub-daily updates. These constitute the basis for actionable insights in a number of applications, including irrigation management, crop yield forecasting, environmental protection, pandemic and urban monitoring.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IGCV


We provide a fully automated on demand service operation on scarce client’s data generating image/data processing pipelines according to customer specific requests. Machine Vision optimized for scarce data and/or fast in service operation.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IAP

Eye Lash Booster

We are developing an eye lash booster which supports increased lash grow as an natrual alternative to cosmetic products.

Licensing from Fraunhofer LBF


HyTest offers hardware solutions and technology to adjust, adapt and emulate mechanical characteristics. We have developed these solutions to let R&D and test engineers get their jobs done faster and more efficient. Examples for this solutions are mounts with stiffness tuning, vibration absorbers with tunable frequency and damping as well as energy efficient mechanical Hardware-in-the-loop solutions.

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Licensing from Fraunhofer IDMT


We, experts in Electroacoustics (IDMT) and MEMS technology (ISIT), developed the first integrated MEMS loudspeaker, a new disruptive loudspeaker technology to reduce costs all along the production chain - from microspeaker to mobile device manufacturers - while improving the whole loudspeaker quality.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPA

My Digital Machine

We enable corporations to implement the data exchange easier and more efficiently and communicate it understandable to people. Unlike existing solutions on the market we offer an interaction level which requires less knowledge about the control system. Anyone who actively uses the system can thus profit from our solution – regardless of the level of experience with control systems. Additionally, we offer the possibility of automatically send messages to mobile devices as needed.       



NeutroCheck is a point-of-care blood diagnostic tool providing immunocompromised patients (such as cancer patients on chemotherapy or AIDS/HIV patients) a home-based assessment of their immune system. It is a patient-empowering solution that spares them from the frequent visits to the clinic, hence saving them time, total treatment costs and restoring their quality of life. 

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPA

NODE - Navigation On Demand

NODE offers software solutions in order to coordinate and navigate manufacturer-independent fleet of automated transport vehicles and mobile robots in professional applications. Using network and cloud/edge computing technology as well as machine learning, a highly autonomous, Plug’n’Play solution for flexible and efficient use vehicle fleets is realized. Further Information

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IZM


PeriPower is the next generation of disposable adult incontinence briefs. Our embedded sensor layer in combination with an adaptive bedside communication unit creates a hygienic, comfortable patient experience. Advanced data processing technology notifies caregivers of incontinence incidents in real-time, reduces time used in unnecessary checks, and informs long-term treatment decisions. PeriPower is developing a solution that is completely wireless and unobtrusive. There is no additional workload for clinicians and there is no device on the patient. Further Information

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IOSB-INA


XTEND is a modular AR-based software platform designed to provide individual support by visualizing process-related information in the physical workspace of the user for a variety of industrial tasks in different industries.

Bootcamp May 2019

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPA


AccurAdditve develops a machine tool that uses the additive manufacturing process of melt stratification to produce a geometrically determined solid body. The target group are medium-sized companies in Germany as well as in other European countries. The key markets for AccurAdditive are Aerospace, Healthcare and Automotive. In the future, the consumer goods industry and the mechanical and plant engineering sector will also offer considerable market opportunities.


Spin-off from Fraunhofer FIT, Fraunhofer AISEC, Fraunhofer Academy


CertoTrust provides a platform and distributed network for the secure, long-term man-agement and trusted validation of digital personal certifications in the financial sector using blockchain technology. Our solution consists i.a. from these software components:

  • Platform for the creation, output, display and verification of bc-based digital cer-tificates in the Open Badges standard
  • Certificate wallet for individuals in the financial sector (certificate holder)
  • Toolbox and information package for setting up another BC node and for con-necting external systems

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPMS


We provide a digital service for simple and trusted quality tracking that automatically checks conditions during the shipment of valuable goods such as pharmaceuticals. The product consists of three core components:  a small form factor multi-sensor wireless data logger, a smartphone app, and the Cloud/On-Premise infrastructure to store and visualize measurement data and quality results.


Spin-off from Fraunhofer IGCV


We developed a method to scale up 3D-printing of metal parts to new dimensions. The product combines casting technologies with digital layer wise production. The weight of the printed parts which are sold as a service will be from several hundred kilogram to multiple tons.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IWS


We develop technology solutions for fast and efficient joining of metal and plastic elements. Our procedure enables process speeds in the seconds range, with minimal pretreatment effort and the use of additional material. The HPCI® technology is particularly environmentally and resource efficient and can be easily integrated into existing production processes.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IMWS


We develop new materials for organic electronics to improve efficiency, lifetime and prices of the devices made by our costumers. Furthermore, our products should enable to enhance the evaporations rate and thus the productions rate.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IIS


IndLoc is a location system which supports the picking process in production and logistic. With the help of a wearable mistakes are detected and correct procedures are automatically acknowledged. Its high robustness towards the environment, the unnecessity of visual contact, as well as the passivity of wearables allows the use in rough industrial environment.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPT


KonSenT produces functionalized films in scalable manufacturing processes. The first product will be a wide-range and cost efficient pressure sensors which recognizes contours and weight of objects placed on it. Whether, in retail, logistic or smart home, there are several application possibilities of the sensors which enables a digitization of the surface. Based on this, a variety of IoT-services will be created generating new value creation opportunities in the future.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPA


Riveting, screwing, clipping, gluing: pitasc offers a new way to program robots for assembly applications. By combining simple software it’s possible to program even complex sensor-based robot movements efficiently. pitasc helps technology companies to develop automated solutions for specific processes and tools and offer these to their customers.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IVV, Fraunhofer IIS


We provide the chemical industries with an application that allows them to know the odour of the material they develop before producing it. The application shows the patterns in molecular structure that are responsible for odour, so customers know what to change if the material has an unwanted odour. Our application makes materials development less of a vabanque game and more a design approach.

Licensing from Fraunhofer IWM


S-Glass is an initiative of the Fraunhofer IWM. With the bending process for flat glass developed there, particularly small, precisely fitting bending radii are possible. Creative borunderies are lifted. Completely new design possibilities are opening up for architects and planners. Such curved glass panes can be processed into all-glass corner glazing as insulating or laminated glass.

Spin-off aus Fraunhofer IGD


Smarticipate is an Online-Plattform for supporting active citizen participation in urban planning. Citizens can submit their ideas for urban design, visualize it in 3D and receive direct feedback on their feasibility. As a result, citizens are involved in the planning process at an early stage and miss investments are avoided. Three case studies were tested in Rom, London and Hamburg.

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Spin-off from Fraunhofer ISE


Symvio supports operators of technical building facilities in their daily work. We develop a AI method to increase the efficiency of buildings, reduce energy and maintenance costs by up to 20% over the long run through enhanced quality checks. Our solution is based on the data situation in the building and is hence immediately useable with little effort. Symvio continuously adapts to the changing conditions in the building.  

Licensing from Fraunhofer IBP


Fraunhofer IBP offers fireplace manufactures an innovative combustion control (T2O2). The control is interesting for manufacturer and end customers as it enables low-emission and efficient combustions with 15% lower operating costs. Through testing activities in accredited laboratories extensive experience with the approval of products included in the T2O2 exist.

Licensing from Fraunhofer IIS


UMC is a new radio technology for near field wireless communication over the speaker. UMC allows endusers to operate Devices (for Home Appliances, Industrial IOT, or Smart City applications) thru their own Smartphone, tablet or PC. With near no additional Hardware and Software, especially on the manufacturer receiving device, UMC allows to transmit data, enabling easy-to-use smart devices, even completely sealed devices.

Bootcamp Sept. 2019

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPA


Thousands of information puzzle pieces need to be systematically developed and interconnected in safety-related development of complex mechatronic systems. The software "ASD - Accelerated Safety Development" enables the participants to handle, develop and maintain this complexity. Its unique automatic real-time evaluation on completeness and correctness helps teams to avoid costly iterations.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer HHI


AuViS offers high-end solutions for communication agents in large scale infrastructure projects. Based on Ultra High Resolution Audio- and Video-recordings and the Infrastructure's 2D or 3D-Planning Data, we can generate close-to-live audiovisual renderings of the current and the future situation. It is thereby possible to compare and evaluate the existing situation (e.g. existing train tracks, roads, houses etc) with the future situation - including geometrically and perspectively correct visualizations of both scenarios. Due to highly sophisticated Audio-recording, processing and reproduction methods, both situations can also be compared sonically - which enables communicators to interact with stakeholders and affected citizens in an unprecedented, intuitive and understandable way, shortening planning time drastically and reducing the associated costs.

Licensing from Fraunhofer IGD


We are developing a modular, voxel- and streaming-based 3D printer driver „Cuttlefish“ able to reproduce optical and mechanical properties of an object in addition to its shape. Cuttlefish supports various 3D printing technologies (Polyjetting, SLM...) and can easily be adapted to new technologies. It provides for polyjetting printers the best possible optical result on the market, which Designers and Service Providers leverage to push the limits of their 3d printers. Further Information


Spin-off from Fraunhofer FIT


Project Celvino certifies the value of long-lived IoT-enabled assets in use. Our customers are manufacturers of Industrial IoT-enabled assets and the users of our service are the manufacturers' customers. We improve our customer's value determination frameworks by feeding them with tamper-proof in-use data. This makes our Fraunhofer spin-off a trusted third party.

Spin-off from University of Göttingen (extern)


A high-throughput system, to enable large-scale screening of compounds for cognitive drug discovery, provided as a service to pharmaceutical companies.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IGD


With our classifly framework we automate visual processes to be faster, cheaper and more precise. Our products allow sorting, quality assurance and identification for all kinds of industries working with clothes or food. We are able to quickly deploy novel solutions due to our domain knowledge, framework and unique databases.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer LBF


DELTA is a low-cost sensor technology based on dielectric elastomers which helps industry to equip their rubber products with sensor functionalities and reduces the usage of rare-earths and piezo materials in sensor production. The DELTA technology defines a new type of force-sensor generation enabling spatially resolved static and dynamic measurements even on curved surfaces.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer LBF


We offer a highly adaptable quality control system for structural components to manufacturers and suppliers. We combine an innovative sensor head with a positioning system that allows the user to perform EMI(electromechanical impedance)-measurements and quickly assess produced parts or structural joints. It enables the user to detect structural differences with high measuring sensitivity, to statistically classify measured objects and improve decision-making reliability.

Spin-off from KIT (extern)


HelioPas AI, a startup from Karlsruhe, Germany, helps farmers to save on irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides by providing simple and accurate recommendations. Their AI driven field monitoring allows to understand the reality on the field and analyzes the actual demand. Farmers can increase their yield, produce better food and reduce the environmental impact. Further Information

Spin-off from Fraunhofer LBF


The empty weight of standard containers currently used for the overwhelming majority of shipping contributes to the overall weight that vessels need to transport. The project idea proposes to substitute current containers with more lightweight designs in order to save fuel, reduce cost, and improve sustainability of global trade. Main potential customers are shipping companies.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPA


MERA supports manufacturing companies in reducing the time required for robot programming. To this end, approach points can be defined with millimetre precision using cameras that observe the work area. Tedious and time-consuming manual approaching of the points is no longer necessary. An intelligent machine-learning algorithm then learns from the user's selection and can make a sensible preselection for future programming processes, automatically find approach points that have already been selected (e.g. screw holes) or compensate for tolerances with the same products.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPA


Merlin is a software that helps laboratories to digitize complex workflows in a cost-efficient way by providing an integrated process development environment. Merlin enables the iterative design, prospective scheduling, and consistent documentation of discrete biotechnological processes. Our software integrates with 3rd-party tools, like electronic laboratory notebooks, via modern software interfaces. Further Information

Spin-off from DLR (extern)


Power and heat obtained from solar energy are produced in power plants that are spread across several square kilometers. QFly is an software product that uses drone-assisted imaging and data to deliver performance parameters like soiling, defects, and low performing areas. This information is indispensable for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to optimize the plants efficiency, security, and service life.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPT


QUANTIFY translates non-used machine and sensor data from production into valuable quality information. Our team enables a data-driven quality assurance straight from manufacturing, leading to a significant reduction of inspection efforts in conventional quality assurance. Our year-long R&D activities and experience positions us at the heart of manufacturing, allowing us to connect all players within modern production systems through the platform QUANTIFY.

Spin-off aus Fraunhofer IZM


Tesor provides a minimal invasive predictive maintenance solution for valves, one of the most critical components in existing pipe systems / plants. The application area is wide stretched from sterile chemical plants, the oil industry, and many others. Our product enables to track the durability of valves, measured in days. Additionally we add a monitoring UI which creates a great overview on just a single screen. As a result of this two components Tesor reduces the risk of failure, the maintenance interval, and offers a safer pipe system for the customer.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IPA


The TissueGrinder is an innovative technology from Fraunhofer IPA for the dissociation of biological tissue samples into viable single cells. It consists of a benchtop device and a sterile single use consumable. This enables life science researchers and clinicians to process unadulterated individual cells faster and more economically. It is opening the path to novel discoveries and the development of new diagnostic methods and medical therapies. Further Information

Licensing from Fraunhofer IGD

Visual Deep Learning

We offer a machine learning based solution to identify and locate objects in camera pictures based solely on their respective CAD-model. This eliminates time consuming training processes and labeling jobs. Our tech is relevant for industrial companies with changing or growing CAD-databases. Each team member has a different set of skills and together we are eager to optimize industrial processes.

Spin-off from German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ (extern)


WaMoS helps water managers around the world taking better and earlier decisions about water as a critical resource, by providing them with complete information about terrestrial water storage changes. We improve the water availability monitoring and the water related risks mitigation process by implementing tools based on independent, quantitative, continuous, and global satellite observations.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IBP

WUFI Easy Evaluation

WUFI Easy Evaluation helps architects, building planners and, construction companies to achieve long-term moisture safe building components and therefore healthy living in sustainable homes. With a simplified input as well as the evaluation of the results, based on the worldwide known WUFI simulation model we provide state of the art hygrothermal simulation expert knowledge into the broad building practice.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IBP

WUFI Plus Web

WUFI® Plus Web enables building stakeholders to design healthy, efficient buildings through an interactive web platform faster and at a lower cost. We run building simulation models with different spatial and temporal resolution via an intuitive client side GUI and powerful server side data handling and computation to considerably reduce the time and complexity for data input and simulation.


Spin-off from Fraunhofer ICT


Batalyse is a software for companies and researchers working with energy storage and fuel cells. Batalyse evaluates measured and CAN data within a few seconds, compares it and creates multilingual result diagrams and statistics as needed. An associated, optional database module organizes the measurement data and enables extensive data evaluation, pattern recognition and automation of the evaluation.

Further information 

Spin-off from Fraunhofer MEVIS 


Clinics and clinicians who want to conduct joint research and use AI for automation can exchange data and knowledge without leaving the hospital. Services and data can be searched for, found, purchased and used without having to overcome regulatory boundaries. Our years of experience in clinical research and development and our deep understanding of medical AI make us the perfect partner. We are technology experts who speak the language of clinicians.

Spin-of from DLR (extern)

Der fliegende Wildretter

Every year ~500.000 wild animals are killed accidently during pasture mowing in Germany. Besides animal welfare aspects, farmers also suffer from economic losses due to carcass-contaminated feed. It is very difficult to find wild animals hiding in tall grass. We developed a drone based system with a thermal infrared camera that detects the animals.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer EMFT


Since portable devices are getting smaller, components have to face many requirements. Particularly the size and power consumption are the biggest challenges. Fraunhofer EMFT developed a silicon micro membrane pump with a piezoelectric driver. Its dimensions are the smallest of the world and coincident it has the highest compression ratio.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer ISE und KIT


Greenventory is a software-as-a-service solution for automated mapping and analysis of customized energy systems. Therefore, a large number of data sources are joined, evaluated and used to build a building-ready data base for the energy system. Based on this, options for action can be evaluated transparently and future development paths can be explored. The main customer group are energy suppliers, network operators and the real estate industry. Greenventory’s solution enables a detailed, consistent data base at the touch of a button and all sectors (energy, traffic, heat) can be found in one tool.

Licensing from Fraunhofer IBP


iBP enables building owners, architects and planners to interactively experience a building. They are enabled to feel the difference between good and bad thermal environment, good and bad acoustic surrounding, glare and good shading and their interactions, with all senses and by using VR. In parallel heat, cold and sound is produced and the expert building physics knowledge provided from the Fraunhofer IBP is utilized.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IVI


A set of services and interfaces in the cloud that enables you to analyse and diagnose a traction battery’s health and remaining lifetime by merely transmitting ‘standard’ data as voltages and temperatures. Can be supplemented by a full-scale IoT and telematics framework to send collected  data to the cloud.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IME


4.0 Indoor production of greens in an fully automated, healthy, tasty and environmental friendly way.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer ICT


Our “Transformation Team” is establishing a granulation process of desert sand (using very special know-how) to enable the construction industry in the middle east region to exploit it´s own desert sand for construction purposes avoiding expensive and environmentally harmful imports from Australia.

Spin-off from KIT (extern)


Lightweight construction requires the intelligent combination of materials, processes and procedures. SIMUTENCE, a spin-off of KIT, supports design engineers and component manufacturers in the development and optimization of lightweight components and processes through a virtual process chain. SIMUTENCE provides independent engineering services, customized software add-ons for commercial simulation software, as well as consulting and training.

Spin-off from Fraunhofer IDMT

SpatialSound Wave

Creation of 3D audio experiences in entertainment venues is a trend, but very complex and expansive to realize. We provide a 3D audio technology which turns a PC into a professional audio rendering engine which can be used with any loudspeaker. In contrast to existing technologies, the system creates 3d audio for a large area rather than a simple spot.


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