Welcome our new CEO (Chief Event Officer): Leyla Özer

Event Management is not just an organizing job – it’s the ability to empower people and build a community of joint perspectives out of diverse competencies and mindsets. Starting July, AHEAD has a new “Chief Event Officer” to support the team: Please welcome with us Leyla Özer, our new professional event mover & shaker:

© Leyla Özer

Leyla, you are responsible for the events at AHEAD and of course especially for the organization of the AHEAD Bootcamp. What can you bring to the party?


The mentality and experience to deal with challenges in general. Parallel to my studies in business sciences I worked as a ramp agent at the Munich Airport, where I handled aircraft turnarounds and logistics between flights on a second-by-second basis. Imagine a mixture between meticulous planning and Murphy's Law – for me this is a perfect training for professional management of challenges. Later I changed to the strategic sector, where I was responsible for the management of executive events and workshops.


The hash tags that characterize you?





#Inspired & Inspirer



What drives and thrills you in your job?


I know from personal experience the potential that technological innovations can unleash, because my father developed numerous innovations and patents for a global technology company - and I know that this potential only becomes reality if it is consistently driven forward from the idea to the marketable application. That's what Fraunhofer AHEAD is for, and that's also my personal motivation: to help teams and people bring their full potential to life.


What questions can people come to you with?


- All organizational matters concerning AHEAD and the individual workshops

- To the content of the program

- Spontaneous ideas, special requests or questions that need improvisational talent

- Budget and resources

- Network & Partnerships - Interface to everything



What do you want to achieve in your new function for and with AHEAD?


AHEAD is not just a name, but a claim: To be one step ahead of the zeitgeist - that's why we also have to constantly evolve. For the event sector, this means that in the future we should work together again in person and directly, because personality and personal contact are invaluable driving forces for team spirit and entrepreneurship - and combine them sensibly with the virtual environment in order to be able to work effectively at a distance. These hybrid events will also allow us to reach out to more and more partners and perhaps become a hub for entrepreneurship in and out of research within the growing high-tech ecosystem in the medium term. 


Where can people meet you?


# at the September Bootcamp and all AHEAD events, of course

# in summer on the tennis court or hiking in the mountains

# in winter as a ski instructor on the slopes

# online on LinkedIn or the AHEAD web page - I am notoriously approachable.