Empowering a spin-off kickstart: Fusion Bionic’s way AHEAD to Heraeus-Accelerator

More than 1.800 applicants from all over the world, stunning new tech approaches and an exceptional selection of start-up talents and experts – but only a few will make it the Olympus of functional surface design technologies: Yesterday, Heraeus, a globally operating and visionary German tech-company, announced 5 new start-ups to join one of the most advanced acceleration programs in the field – and the Fraunhofer spin-off Fusion Bionic will be among the chosen ones.

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Yes, the team of Fusion Bionic has what it takes to become a rising star in it’s target markets: Unmatched expertise, a strong and stringent tech- and business approach, and a team, that combines a great tech-vision with entrepreneurial mentality and a drive towards execution. But that’s not the whole story. Like many successful start-ups, Fusion Bionic could rely in a network of supporters, partners, and fellows at almost any stage of their entrepreneurial journey – and we at AHEAD are proud having contributed to Fusion Bionic’s remarkable career path.


Getting started: Roots in the Fraunhofer deeptech ecosystem

The company name Fusion Bionic stands for the fusion of nature-inspired effects into technical product surfaces. The basics of the high-speed laser technology to create biomimetic surfaces have been developed at TU Dresden (lead by Prof. Andrés Lasagni) and the surface functionalization group at Fraunhofer IWS, by Dr. Tim Kunze, today CEO of Fusion Bionic, and his team. Their laser interference texturing solutions are up to 100 times faster than established processes, paving the way for high-performance surfaces with self-cleaning properties, reduced friction, improved contacting and more – a great tech-starting point to build a company for next generation material design. Today, Fusion Bionic is the world's first commercial supplier of these advanced laser solutions.

Moving AHEAD: From technology to market readiness

In May 2020, the Fusion Bionic team joined the AHEAD-Bootcamp to develop the corresponding business approach for their leading-edge technology. At the initial AHEAD bootcamp, Tim and his colleagues assessed their venture readiness levels with experts from industry, entrepreneurship as well as team, market and product development experts. With the feedback of coaches and supporters they created a roadmap sketch towards market launch – and hence their entry ticket to the AHEAD program.

At AHEAD, we have one single objective: to empower entrepreneurs to bring the fascinating technology of Fraunhofer and other research institutions to the market. For us, Fusion Bionic is an outstanding example for a fast track towards market launch and an efficient use of our coaches and experts and our network within Fraunhofer and beyond.

The invitation to Heraeus’ 2021 Accelerator Program is a great step towards further development in an industry context with custom-fit test environment and laboratory resources – but knowing the team and their potential, it seems nevertheless a natural step to us.

Congrats to the team, stay ahead!



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