Live Tech Transfer Workshop  /  March 13, 2023  -  March 16, 2023

Bootcamp XII - March 2023

AHEAD – Technology Transfer Program


AHEAD is Fraunhofer’s entrepreneurial tech transfer program for both licensing and spin-off projects – taking them from idea to realization.

AHEAD’s mission is to build an entrepreneurial team around any Fraunhofer technology. By creating an environment where everyone can live up to their full potential and everything is tailored to high-tech innovation, we are taking tech transfer to the next level.

Being AHEAD means pushing the boundaries – of your team, your technology and the market opportunities waiting for you. We are for those who are willing to leave their comfort zones. In return, you can expect us to invest all of our passion and expertise into you.

Entrepreneurship is the operating system at the heart of AHEAD. For both spin-off as well as licensing projects, we will create a tailored roadmap toward market launch, with a maximum duration of two years.


Target group

AHEAD is an internal Fraunhofer tech transfer program that intentionally includes external entrepreneurs and partners (other startups, companies, universities) and is well connected into the national and international startup ecosystem.

The following internal target groups can apply to AHEAD:

  • Fraunhofer researchers with the goal of licensing to an established player
  • Fraunhofer researchers with the goal of creating a spinoff
  • Fraunhofer researchers who cooperate with an external start-up that builds or extends a product with the help of Fraunhofer technology (via Fraunhofer Venture CoLab)


Application Requirements

All data (incl. attachments) will be encrypted and saved on Fraunhofer internal servers. The applications can only be accessed by the AHEAD program management as well as responsible venture and licensing managers from within Fraunhofer headquarters.

  • Completed application form via Fraunhofer Innovation Hub
  • TRL of your technology is at least 3 (for spin-offs) or 5 (for licensing projects)
  • The technology is available for licensing or a spin-off, i.e. the tech is not bound to certain industry projects or exclusivity
  • Commitment to join all 4 days of the Bootcamp on own time & budget