AHEAD for mentors

Mentoring is a personal and mostly private engagement. It is driven by the personal and direct interaction between mentor and mentee.                 
We strongly believe, that each project and team needs to find their individual way to the market. Along this way, our teams face personal problems that are as individual as their contentual challenges. Not least because of the fact, that our researchers step out of their comfort zone and discover new ground.
At this point a mentor will be just right. A mentor draws from his several years of experience as well as his expertise and therefore offers support for our teams in one or more relevant fields. His experience ideally represents own experience as an entrepreneur or strong expertise in the industrial sectors.

During the mentoring, the mentor can take many different roles, such as consultant, supporter, role model or motivator.
However, it is excluded to become a mentor just for investment, co-founding and other commercial reasons. In this case you have other opportunities to get in touch with our teams.

A mentor – mentee relationship in any case is a two-way relationship where both parts benefit from.

What are your benefits as a mentor?

  • Access to a vital network of science and industry
  • Personal networking with other mentors
  • Workshops and Get-Togethers for mentors
  • Access to the AHEAD events
  • New impressions for your personal career and leadership skills
  • Development of your own coaching and consulting skills
  • Contemplation of your own skills
  • Taking social responsibility
  • Get to know fascinating technologies, foundations and innovative people
  • Certificate of participation in the mentoring program


Would you like to become a part of AHEAD?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor and support our teams with your expertise, you can gladly fill out the following file. We will contact you soon after, to add you to our mentoring pool and provide you with more information.


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