All Phase 1 teams have to attend all Check Ins! Only the Check Ins marked with Phase 2 are relevant for Phase 2 - Teams!

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Check In 14.01/15.01

Where?            Design Offices München Atlas, Rosenheimerstr. 143c, München

When?             Tuesday 9.00 - Wednesday 16.00 (doors open at 8.00 both days)

What?              Tuesday, 9.30-12.00 – Remote Work & Leadership (with Klaus from MLG):

                        Input on psychological safety and trust, best practices “working over the distance”, effective leadership of remote teams

                        Tuesday, 13.00-17.00 – Software Development – setting up your product development well (with Oliver from Innoq):

                        Basics Software Engineering & Software Architecture, Software Development Process, Best Practices in the startup context

                        Tuesday, 17.00 - …: Speed dating event with WHU Alumni – Is your co-founder among them?

                        Tuesday, 19.00: Keynote Cedric Waldburger, experienced entrepreneur on building a remote organization


Check In 12.02/13.02

Where?             tbd.

When?              Wednesday 9.00 - Thursday 16.00 (doors open at 8.00 both days)

What?               tbd.


Life Science Check In - Göttingen - same time

Where?             Friedrichstraße 3–4 37073 Göttingen

What?              Planned Topic

                          Wednesday Pitch & Networking Event in Life Science Ecosystem

                          Wednesday 1:1 Life Science Coaching

                          Thursday Fundraising Strategies



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