Fraunhofer AHEAD goes SDG!

Fraunhofer AHEAD goes SDG!

The world needs a new generation of entrepreneurs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: highly ambitious, systemic thinkers, leveraging deep tech and driven by impact – and you could be one of them. Fraunhofer Venture‘s AHEAD technology transfer program is the entrepreneurial and collaborative platform to connect impact #entrepreneurs with Fraunhofer #deeptech and the sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem. We will do so together with selected partners, which we will announce one by one in the next few weeks. Together we will harness our technological power for generating deep tech startups.

Initially, we are seeking to invite sustainable entrepreneurs, impact-driven founding teams and startups, corporate innovators as well as intrapreneurs working at relevant foundations to apply for AHEAD with your impact ideas and opportunities. There is only one prerequisite: Articulate the technological challenge that currently prevents you from building your ideal solution.

Reaching out to the startup ecosystem. Let’s make use of deep tech for solving the world’s fundamental challenges with viable business models. Entrepreneurs, Founders, Foundations and everyone with great impact ideas but a lack of technology are very welcome to apply for AHEAD and get your venture supported by Fraunhofer Venture.

We promise:

A swift matching process with Fraunhofer researchers

A tailored and structured support for working with Fraunhofer towards your impact venture

We are AHEAD in Entrepreneurship. With you, we can be at the head of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.